Shari Jones

Licensed in MO

About Shari Jones

Shari Jones…a creative, successful, hard working, self reliant, spunky individual.

Instead of me telling you about my lifetime accomplishments, my volunteer services, my education, my trophies and my career, let me tell you about what “really” is important! I love helping people! Whether it’s helping my clients buy or sell real estate, serving on the Board of Directors, volunteering at church, giving to the Least of These, or helping my fellow neighbors. My specialty is “helping people”.

At a very young age I learned the values of hard work from my loving, farming family. Carrying on the respect of “Yes Ma’am and No Sir” will continue to be a part of my respectful vocabulary. My favorite verse that has always been dear to my heart is “Land of the free…because of the brave”. My gratitude and thanks will never be enough for the sacrifice our Veterans have made.

One of my biggest accomplishments, was the completion of restoring a 3-story Victorian house that was near destruction. My husband I and saved this beautiful “Painted Lady” and now stands as a proud "home of the past" in a small town in Nebraska.

So with all this being said, I like to tell it like it is, get right to the point, and make it short but sweet. After’s not about the quantity of life, but about the quality of life! Live it to the fullest and be happy!!

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